Landscapes are my love. I have spent many times hiding in them, enjoying the scenery when other people (family) thought I was doing something else.  I have set up my quad bike so I can load my paints easily onto the back and head out into the landscape to paint plein air. I often start my oil paintings in the paddock and finish them in the studio. My Landscapes are all special places I have travelled to and or lived with.

Judge's Comment by Laura Jones (Contemporary Australian Painter represented by The Olsen Gallery Sydney) -  "Jenie 's painting called Pink Earth Road has a wonderful surface and expertly uses layers of paint to create energy and movement throughout the picture. The artist has a strong language for describing the landscape and sees colour through it in a unique way. Most people see shadows and trees as green and brown but there is always more to it and this work invites us to see it in this way."